Our Story

A brand born of expertise
and a passion for fitness & flavour

Our Story

Organic Inn was established when a fitness enthusiast could not find a healthy replacement for a product he consumed relentlessly. The product in question is peanut butter which is pretty much a top dog product for his routine consumption. Consequently, It was out of his desire to eat healthy (yet tastefully) that the founder of OrganicInn endeavored to create an entire range of peanut butter products. His animus was first and foremost to deliver products that catered to diet-conscious individuals like himself.

One fine day, when he was undergoing his arduous fitness routine he had an inkling to create his line of healthy and flavourful peanut butter products. It is at the same moment that he started brainstorming ideas for his products. This was the moment OrganicInn was born—his brainchild to address the need for palatable yet healthy and nutritious products.

As the paste manufacturers in Pakistan are predominantly ill-informed on using the right ingredients to create a healthy sans-preservatives/additives product the need for such a product became paramount.

He discussed this idea for an enterprise that specializes in peanut butter products with his friends who were fitness freaks just like him. The idea got to hold and after a long demanding journey of discarding and creating recipes, they concurred on a set of ingredients that would best deliver the results.

So, while a good part of gym-going population is unaware of healthy products to use OrganicInn has stepped in to provide for the people who take their diets and what they consume rather seriously. Similarly, we seek to provide healthy products in real-time unlike most of our competitors who not only sell products with glaring side effects but also take forever to dispatch and deliver their products.
Our manufacturing process from collecting ingredients to the shipping of your orders is deeply inspected and thorough. We take it on ourselves to meet your expectations and deliver quality products.

Our Vision

We live by this motto of “good enough is not good enough if it could be better and better is not good enough if it could be best”.

This highlights our mentality and perception of being the best we could be to our customers and we will be establishing ourselves as one of the top manufacturer of natural peanut butter by focusing primary on providing our customers with good quality service.

Organic Inn wants to become a household brand that is being used by everyone as living a healthier lifestyle is the right of every person on this earth.

We want the natural peanut butter be readily available at your footsteps.